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Corn Maze

Our annual corn maze is amazing!  Puns aside, each year's maze is a work of art and the story that runs throughout is entertaining for all ages.  Gary Hamel has written, created and amused us with his corn maze each year (read more about him below) for the last 10 years.  Joins us in welcoming our new 2018 maze designer, Emily Zea!  Come visit this fall to see her first maze masterpiece.


Gary Hamel is a local artist whose works have been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the country and we are lucky enough to have him here, at Riverview Farm.  Gary has worked for us for almost 2o years now and since taking over the annual construction of the corn maze the farm has taken on a whole new level of creativity!  2018 saw his last corn maze which was a wonderful retrospective told through the narrative of his childhood in Orange, NH.   If you did not get a chance to visit this year or had to chase little ones through the maze and couldn't read the story, click here.


We would also like to introduce Emily Zea.  She will be taking over the important role of corn maze designer and illustrator.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Art and Illustration from Virginia Commonwealth University and will be continuing her study this year getting a Masters in Sequential Imaging.  She is surely qualified for corn maze creativity!  Emily has ties to Plainfield as it is where her father grew up (and was friends with Paul) so it seems only fitting that she carry on the annual corn maze creation.  

Emily participated in this year's maze with the painting of the "Manotaur" and "Icarus" figures.  She has already started jotting down ideas for next year's maze and we can't wait to see the masterpiece she creates!