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We have 15 different apple varieties here at the farm.  Here is a list of them, their best qualities and their harvest period from earliest to latest.

For more information on apple varieties, how to grow apples or other fun facts check out New England Apple Growers or New Hampshire Fruit Grower's Association.


The earliest variety we have, the season is from late August to mid September. Sweet, excellent for fresh eating, pies and sauce. Does not store long.

Ginger Gold

Season is early-mid September. Large, green crisp, with a little spice, excellent for fresh eating. For those who love Honeycrisp, this is an early alternative. Their only downside is that they don't store well.

Season is from early to mid September. A favorite for fresh eating, they're also excellent for sauce. Many people use them in pies, but they cook to a sauceconsistency while the crust is baking. Does not store long.

Excellent for fresh eating; one of our biggest sellers. Stores very well. Season is mid September until mid October (if we are not picked out!).


Season is from mid September to October. Gaining in popularity. It's sweet, with a flavor reminiscent of pears. Excellent for fresh eating. Stores reasonably well.

Season is from mid September to mid October. A little tart, but firm and crisp. Excellent for fresh eating, pies, sauce, salads (they don't turn brown), and they keep well. If there had to be just one apple variety, this would be our choice.


Developed by the University of Minnesota (same folks who developed Honeycrisp).  If you are one of our loyal Honeycrisp customers, you will love this early variety.  It is sweet and crunchy!  Season is early September to mid September.


Season is the same as Cortland. Firm, crisp, and sweet. Excellent for eating, and although we haven't baked them (we can't pry ourselves away from Cortland), customers have told us that they make good pies.


Season is from mid to late September. Smaller in size than McIntosh (just the right size for a school bag), excellent for fresh eating, and they keep well, too.

Season is mid-late September. This variety was discovered as a chance spur at Gould Hill Orchards in Hopkinton, NH. Firm, sweet, and crisp. Stores very well.

Red Delicious
Season is late September to mid October. Sweet. Okay for fresh eating.

Northern Spy

Season is from late September to mid October. Firm and crisp. Good for fresh eating, although it is usually considered a pie apple. Stores well, too.

Red Fuji
Season is after Mutsu; this one ripens late. Firm, sweet apple. Stores very well. Good for fresh eating.

Crimson Crisp

As the name suggests this is a brilliant, red apple with a firm and crisp texture.  It has a mild sweet flavor and would lend a nice color to applesauce.  Season is early October until mid October.


This is one of our new farm favorites.  It is similar to a Honeycrisp with its lilting honey note but has just a bit more depth of flavor.  Crunchy and juicy, we have used this apple in everything from pies to sauce to fresh eating by the bushel!  Season is late September to mid October.