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Nestled next to the Connecticut River, Riverview Farm has been owned and operated by the Franklin family for 32 years.  Over those years we have grown from just a few apple trees to over 1,600 apple trees, acres of blueberries, three patches of fall raspberries, a huge pumpkin patch, homemade cider and
a corn maze.

We invite you and your family to come down to our farm, pick some fruit, ride the horse drawn wagon, wander through the maze or just enjoy an apple while sitting on the barn deck overlooking the Connecticut River.


Daily 10am-5pm  •  603-298-8519  •  Riverview Farm • Plainfield, New Hampshire • © Copyright 2013

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We're winding down apple season here at the farm.  What's left of the pumpkins and corn are going to animals, the signs in the orchard will be soon stored in the shed.  However, the barn is now decorated for the holiday season.   We are open weekends in November, from 10 am -3 pm. Click on the wreath photo below to read what's going on over the next few weeks.

As we look back on a season of good crops and warm days, there are many to thank for their help:

Our employees, with their many conversations, good humor and hard work helped the season pass more easily.  We enjoyed having you all here.

Annin Flagmakers provided the flags for us to paint so that the kingdom of Epicuria could be seen from afar.  Each year the LIsten Center in Canaan has  allowed us to paw through it's costumes so we can outfit the scarecrows in the maze.  And of course, for Gary Hamel's beyond-the-call-of duty creative effort in designing the maze, writing the story, painting the scarecrows--wow, thanks!  And he's already working on next year's story!

If, in the haunted maze, you only found one way in and no way out, it was because along with our staff, family and friends joined in for the fun!

Thanks as always to Paul's brother Greg for the great website design and updates, and to our children Amy, Laura and Aaron for managing the Facebook page.   

We especially thank Janice Nadeau.  For many years she and George , with their horses and wagon came each weekend during apple picking season, bringing folks up around the farm through the orchard and back.  After George's passing a few years ago Janice's family and friends (Troy, Jean and Ross, to name a few) helped her continue.  Janice and the horses have retired, for a well deserved rest.  We wish them many gentle days ahead.

Paul and Nancy Franklin

A Season of Good Crops

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