Our corn maze this year presents a tale of a missing ear... a story of mystery, madness, and some very corny puns!

The story is that the Von Cotswalds (Ewenice and Ramsey, played by Nancy and Paul), owners of the Corn ish Art Museum, have discovered that Vincent Van Goat's left ear is missing.  The local newspaper, The Valley Clues, is launching an investigation.  All of the characters in this a-Mazing tail, er, sorry, tale, are animals –  Mary Catsat, Grant Woodchuck, Henri Ratisse, Paul Goatguin, and many others.

The product of the clever mind of artist Gary Hamel (see if you can find him in the maze) and the wacky imagination of the Riverview Farm crew, this year’s corn maze will delight and intrigue both adults and children.


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